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No BS Manifesting Course Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-20)

Someone (a wealthy millionaire who is practicing No BS Manifesting Course random acts of kindness and wants to inspire and motivate you) offers you a $100,000.00 bonus if you double your income in the next 30 days. You might also consider that you need to maintain that for 3 consecutive months for the payout. After all, if you can do it this month, you can keep it up, right? So with this truth.. what would you do differently? What would you start doing? What would you stop doing? Who would you call for support.Someone you adore and love dearly is being held captive in a very dangerous situation and will not be released unless you double your income in the next 30 days. What are some things you could do differently? How would you stretch yourself to play bigger? Start doing, stop doing, support.You are challenged by a friend. Who ever doubles their income in the next 30 days is the winner. The loser has to send the winner on a 7 day all expense paid trip anywhere in the world the winner chooses to go. How do you structure your days to get the most out of them? What will your primary focus be? How will you move forward. Start doing, stop doing, support.These are just a few ideas to show you, depending on how you are motivated, that under the right circumstances you could absolutely without a doubt double your monthly income, or whatever else you deem a worthy goal. So next time you feel yourself dreaming about a new situation or different results, get out of your state of being comfortable. Try one of these mind games out to take bigger action then you thought possible. What game would you like to play and what are you playing for? Create your success!Here are some success tips for your Business:Be Confident - Know that you know, that you know, that your business is the best business.Have Faith in your GOD and yourself.