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Hypnosis Live Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-13)

Think back and see that your feelings Hypnosis Live about money today (enjoying it, fearing it, pushing it away, hating it, lack of it, insecurity) can almost be traced to an earlier incident, possibly forgotten until now, from your past. These thoughts, more often than not, follow us up in adulthood. For instance, as a 10 year-old, on your way to buy bread for your parents' long awaited guests (perhaps these guests were your relatives), you might have lost the money before you even got to the shop. Your parents might not have punished you or yelled, since they could see how bad you felt, but that feeling that you disappointed and "ruined" a great moment might be stuck with you to this day.You lost the money, nothing could be done about it. But this incident created a self-doubt, a self-disappointment or even guilt of which you are not seemingly conscious. Thus, in your adulthood now, you might find yourself not coming to an agreement with your spouse on how to invest your money: you might want to "keep the money safe" in a savings account, whereas you partner might want to invest aggressively.This article is your exercise to connect the dots. Revisit the past and trace the memories to where and how they affect your life today. Recall back to when you were three, eleven or seventeen, and see what comes up for you. You want that one money memory that feels true, important and keeps coming back. Maybe some of these questions might be of help:The six human needs focused upon in Tony Robbins work suggests that we have four fundamental needs: certainty/comfort, uncertainty/variety, significance and connection/love. We also need growth and contribution to address our spiritual needs and this rounds out what has been defined as our six basic human needs.