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Alphanation Combat Fighter Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-13)

IV warmersthat meet the standards Alphanation Combat Fighter of Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Tactical Trauma Protocols are designed to perform under the most extreme circumstances, saving lives in ways that were once inconceivable during war. In order to administer fluids effectively, military medics require compact, lightweight, and reliableIV warmers that will not put them or any additional troops in danger. A new line of battery-operated, portable, and disposable devices has successfully adapted to the conditions that previously served as a devastating contribution to a nation's complete defeat. Designed specifically with far forward deployment in mind, IV warmers are attached to a battery, requiring as little as thirty seconds of assembly, and a mere forty five seconds to heat fluids on the battlefield. The development of this technology represents a completely different way of casualty treatment, allowing medics to move in and around obstacles without being weighed down by bulky equipment, as well as fitting discreetly in their uniforms to avoid the risk of becoming a highly desired target. The quicker a medic is able to locate casualties suffering from hypothermia or shock, provide treatment, and move them off of the battlefield, the less risk is involved. Although determining the amount of risk involved to save one soldier is an accepted part of war, companies abiding by strict fluid warming guidelines realize that every single life is valuable.