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No BS Manifesting Course Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-11)

For the love of it To act without No BS Manifesting Course desire means to run for the love of running. To walk for the love of walking. To paint for the love of painting. To sing for the love of singing. To dance for the love of dancing. A child can play for the love of it, can you? Without competition with yourself, with others without a goal. I think we lost this art in life. I work all over the world and the only person I ever met who lived for the love of it, was Sri K Patthabi Jois. My yoga teacher in India. He started yoga at the age of 10, practiced for 50 more years, had only 10 students in his yoga school for all those years (he worked full time as a professor at the University to pay the bills) - the only reason he taught and practiced yoga, even at the age of 90 with 500 students paying US$350 each for classes in New York, was because his "minds eye" saw it, so he followed it. Hard Work is not Good Management Try to catch the ball before you run for a touch down. Try to see the future before you set goals to cause it. Hard work is bad management. This, minds eye picture means doing it once, right. It means waiting for the ball to come to you. Trust is required, because sometimes the ball isn't thrown. Hold your intent. Spend time learning how to calm the lower parts of your mind, and find the activities that allow you the space to hear what is coming to the higher realms, your minds eye. A story When I was 5 years old, I stood in front of my class at school, proud to have done my homework, and read from my reader book to the class. I stood there, happy, joyful, that for the first time in my life, a mind picture would be realized. Even in my dreams after my mother died, I saw myself on a stage. Now, here I was on stage for the first time. But, alas, my pants were home made, and poorly sown. The stitching was adrift, my little penis shared itself with the audience. Humiliated I sat down. It took me 30 years before I ever stood in front of a crowd again. But that whole time, that picture repeated itself over and over and over. And now, I get paid to do it. (minus the exposure) Another story When I was 18 I saw myself with a woman. 6 months later I met her, she was hitch hiking, I was driving. One of my friends picked her up, while I drove, they kissed. I found it hard to think of any other girl but her. 8 months later, I was invited to a party, and there she was. We eloped a week later, she moved in, we had babies, and lived a happy life. But it finished. One day when I was contemplating the future, she was not in it. I couldn't see her. Unbeknown to me, the relationship had ended. 3 years later we separated. Did I create the picture of the future, or was I reading it.