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GRS Ultra Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-09)

Most Americans are suffering GRS Ultra from poor digestive health, and as we age, the numbers and problems become much larger and worse. One of the biggest reasons for this is our body's inability to receive enough of the nutrients it requires to maintain proper health, and one of the most important nutrients are digestive enzymes. Too many of us have digestive enzyme deficiencies which can attribute to: acid reflux intestinal inflammation cystic fibrosis low stomach acid inflammatory bowel disease abnormal pancreas ulcers gastritis constipation more toxins in the body A lack of enzymes is inevitable because of the typical American diet, which consists primarily of low nutrients due to the large amounts of processed foods we eat. Some foods, such as grains have almost no nutritional value. These grains are stripped of most of their nutrients for the sake of being easier to package and cook. What we end up with is carbohydrates that are just as filling, meaning they have the calories, but these are empty calories. Fad diets that accuse you of eating too many carbohydrates as the reason for excessive weight gain are not referring to unrefined carbs, but the processed refined grains. When you eat white bread you are clogging up your system with unhealthy, low-nutrient, high calorie food. Same as white rice. When you eat the unrefined versions of these foods you are consuming and adding quality dietary fibers, enzymes and other substances your body needs, but isn't getting from the refined foods that are part of the processed foods diet. Enzymes are vital for the food you eat to get properly digested, enabling you to get the food's nutrients into your digestive system, but when they aren't present, and the food you are eating contains very few in the first place, it's easy to see how an enzyme deficiency can easily happen to most of us, and quite easily. The enzyme supplement market is huge, unfortunately, the majority of these enzyme sources will not have any value. Enzymes, once taken from their original food source behave differently than when consumed from natural foods. The enzymes as supplements, being protein enzymes, as most are, will get eaten by your natural stomach pepsin enzymes as soon as you take them, making them useless further down the digestive tract.