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Combat Shooter System Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-08)

It is not just in Florida Combat Shooter System either, from Virginia to Texas 45 percent of the people do not feel they are exposed to any hurricane, tornado or flooding danger. 47 percent of those people poled have no survival kits created while another 13 percent state they would refuse to evacuate if ordered to do so.Americans who dwell in hurricane vulnerable locations should be urged to prepare in advance for any possible foul weather during the upcoming season. One must prepare before the arrival of the hurricane and not at the time is gets to your location. Every family, business and community should feel the need to get properly prepared and be ready for any such emergency. During the survey, it was revealed that seventy-four percent of the homeowners had taken no special precautions to make their homes hurricane proof with another 36 percent admitting that they have not developed a family disaster plan. In the state of Florida alone 44 percent of the people that reside in a direct hurricane path have indicated that they would refuse to evacuate if instructed to do so.The results of the NHSI poll provide the elements necessary for the various public education campaigns relating to hurricane preparedness. The data is utilized by the various non-profit partners such as the National Emergency Management Association and the Salvation Army when determining area needs. I have continually stressed that we must remain vigilant and take the proper preparations necessary to protect our families and assist our neighbors to get ready for a potential hurricane. For many years, we have faced certain issues regarding the "end of the world", "doomsday", and many other similar stories that threaten the very extinction of man. Who could ever forget the Y2K craze, in which a lot of people thought things would come to an end as the clock strikes 12 on the first day of the year 2000. But by New Year's Day, everyone who has ever believed such kind of speculation has accepted that they have somehow been a little less smart for being so gullible.Dried beans, rice, wheat/spelt, oats, vegetable oil, salt, sugar/honey, powdered milk (which I'm not personally a fan of), spices, dehydrated and canned vegetables and fruits, dehydrated soups and meals, etc..., are important items to consider.