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Alphanation Combat Fighter Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-06)

Danger follows us wherever we go, Alphanation Combat Fighter and it creeps up on us when we least expect it. It can be broad daylight in a secluded place, or at night when it is dark but crowded. None of these seem like a place for crime to occur, but yet it does. While we cannot foresee danger coming our way, we can be prepared for it to happen. Should you be attacked, even if you do not know Taekwondo, Judo, or any martial arts at all, having a pepper spray can keep the assailant disabled for a while. During such moment, you will be able to grab the opportunity to escape, which crucial moments can save your life. Another advantage is that it is easy to use. Its mechanics is similar to an aerosol spray, which you would only need to hold onto the switch, and the chemical would come out. It takes no expertise to use it at all, unlike guns, which may actually be uncomfortable to carry around. Guns are also mostly illegal, and accidents with guns like an accidental blow or even ricochet could occur. Accidents with the spray are less likely, and even more important, less deadly. Last but not least, it is an easy to conceal weapon. They come in various sizes, and can come in different disguises like a toy. If an assailant knew you were carrying a pepper spray, they would know how to avoid you, but since they do not, the prank is on them! Henderson, Kentucky - It was around 4:00 am during the year 2009 when I just got off from work. Arriving at home, my wife and Son were playing billiards in our basement. I joined them for a few games. Around 4:30 a.m. a rumble started at the other end of the house and just came rambling through the rest of the house. You could actually feel the quakes intensity going through the house and through the basement. It was a loud and very violent shake during what must have been a 30 second occurrence measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale. We were just stunned. It took about ten seconds to realize that we were all of a sudden in the middle of a major earthquake. My wife started to run outside as the house was still shaking at the time. It finally came to a halt after what seemed like an eternity. It was a very unsettling feeling, we were thankful that it was over. I was getting prepared for an after shock of the same magnitude. After it was over it really made me think what should we have done? I asked my wife if running outside was the proper reaction? Below are some general safety tips that may provide some guidance during earthquakes.