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Meridian Health Protocol Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-05)

This is very simple, but you Meridian Health Protocol can order any raw vegetables they have that you like. Most restaurants have some raw basics, such as tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper, celery, lemon, and sometimes avocado. Make sure your server writes down your order as remembering all of the ingredients in your salad is most often a challenge. Also, if they do not bring you enough vegetables on your salad, ask them for more. "Do you have fresh berries and apples? I don't want dried berries or berries marinated in syrup, just fresh berries." If they have fresh berries and apples, say: "I'd like to create a simple salad. I just want a plate of spinach with a large portion of any fresh berries you have on hand. Cut up an apple into slices and put those on the salad too. Make it entrée size. Nothing marinated, nothing cooked, and no croutons or bread. No dressing." Most mid to high-end restaurants that serve gourmet deserts have fresh berries and apples. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and apples on a bed of spinach make a very satisfying salad, even without dressing. Here are some other helpful tips for eating out and staying raw: If the restaurant has a website, consult it for their menu ahead of time so you know what you will ask for on your salad. Sometimes, they have other fresh vegetables not listed on the menu too, so always ask what fresh vegetables they have on hand in their kitchen. Most of the time, the server will be happy to check for you. You can also call the restaurant ahead of time to request certain produce items or to ask that they prepare you a raw meal. If you frequent the same restaurants, they will come to know you and be prepared for your order. I often order delicious salads at J. Alexander's restaurant and Fleming's restaurant. They know who I am, and they know that I can eat a very large portion of greens and vegetables. They not only bring me a salad topped high with vegetables, they bring extra vegetables on the side. If possible, have a large portion of fruit before you go to the restaurant. When you get to the restaurant, all you will have to do is order your salad. Oftentimes, the salads at some restaurants are very disappointing as the produce is less than ideal. If you eat fruit before you go, you will not be too hungry if you are unable to eat your salad.