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Curafen Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-05)

There are over Curafen 28 million MRI's performed every year in the U.S., and they are expensive. A simple MRI of the knee can cost up to $2,000. It makes sense that an MRI scan costs so much when you figure that the price of owning an MRI machine is anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million. That's a lot of overhead. Are physicians, who own MRI machines, unnecessarily prescribing MRI's to recoup their costs? Are physicians, who do not own MRI machines, unnecessarily prescribing MRI's because they receive kickbacks from the owners? Who knows? I sure don't know, but this is something else to consider. There is no denying that MRI's and other imaging are critical to the health of a patient and the efficiency of the physician. I have personally prescribed multiple MRI's during my clinical days and don't regret a single prescription. However, every MRI I've prescribed fell within two categories: the patient suffered recent trauma or injury, or the patient didn't show improvement after two-three weeks of conservative care. I recommend that you receive an MRI or other imaging if you fall within these two categories, as well.MRI's are critical to the health care industry. They provide valuable information that is often hidden to the naked eye and ambiguous upon physical examination. However, make sure your doctor is justified in prescribing one. I recommend the following tips to help you decide when you need an MRI: -Get a second opinion. Whenever your doctor tells you anything you are not 100% comfortable with, get a second opinion. This rule applies to imaging, too. If you don't think you need an MRI, get a second opinion. If your second opinion tells you to get an MRI, get it.-If you haven't had recent trauma or injury, try conservative care first before you schedule an MRI or other imaging. Try the conservative care for 2-3 weeks. If you don't have improvement after 2-3 weeks, get imaging.Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years, and has been used to help everyone from tiny babies to the elderly. Even top sports star and entertainers... like Tiger Woods, Emmitt Smith, Tony Robbins, Joe Montana, Lance Armstrong, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson. In fact, the U.S. government is so convinced chiropractic works they've been paying for it through the Medicare system for 30 years. All major insurance companies in the United states cover chiropractic care for short term relief of neck and back pain as numerous studies have proven the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care.In addition to that, here's what some of the top medical researchers had to say about chiropractic."Manipulation [chiropractic adjustments], with or without exercise, improved symptoms more than medical care did after both 3 and 12 months."- British Medical Journal.