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Super Memory Formula Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-02)

Get More Sun (or Some Bright Light) Super Memory Formula One significant factor of Seasonal Affective Disorder is the lack of light during the winter. While feeling depressed and the wish to hibernate may be on your mind, people should make it a priority to get outdoors in order to get as much light from the sun as possible. Spending time outside and in nature can actually help improve both your mood and energy level. If you can't get more sun in your day then look up light therapy, which is an approach used to treat SAD by providing up to 10,000 LUX of light, which can be a suitable substitute for being out in the sun. Taking a winter vacation somewhere that has a warmer climate and is sunnier, can also reduce or alleviate some of the symptoms of SAD. Build Up Your Mental Health Immune System. Whether you've been diagnosed with SAD or not, the holiday season is a time where being around family can bring issues to light. Seeing a mental health professional such as a therapist to talk about personal issues. Often people who experience SAD have been prescribed antidepressant medications such as Prozac or Zoloft during the start of their symptoms in the Fall, and gradually going off of them by the Spring. The same way we get our flu shot and visit our doctor to tend to our physical health, it is as important to get a mental health check-up. Connect with Support Everyone needs to feel unconditional acceptance and support. Sometimes people can find a sense of belonging and peace of mind through their church, a group of friends, or close family members. For some people this holiday season, they may need to find sanctuary wherever or with whomever may be a safe place or person to speak our minds with,and who can listen to us. Our private sanctuary of support and connection can be anything from a 12 step meeting, place of worship, therapist's office, or even being in nature. Find your sanctuary or place of support and take an active role in your inner healing and peace of mind.