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Intuitive Healing of Muscle, Bone, and Joint Disorders

by Ellen Thomas (2019-03-28)

These first three steps Erase My Back Pain will show the doctor that, whether you have symptoms or not, you DO have the atlas subluxation complex. That is not good. It is compared with having undiscovered hypertension, heart disease or cancer. These are all serious problems that can kill you if you do not fix them! Step 4 - The doctor will take accurate x-rays of your head and neck. These pictures reveal not only the pattern of the misalignment, but also give the doctor clear and accurate physical data about how to correct the problem. The pictures show whether the atlas shifted to the left or the right, whether it twisted forward or backward, and where the neck and skull moved in relation to each other. The pictures also show how much these bones moved into their different positions. All of this quantification is important because after the correction is made (step five) more x-rays are taken to measure how much reduction took place. A reduction of 90% usually means a person will have great results, although reductions of only 10% have also been shown to produce good results. The important thing is to look and see! Are you experiencing excruciating pain in your lower back area?Is this keeping you from doing your daily activities?Are you barely able to move because every single motion causes you pain?If your answers to these questions is a yes, then, it is quite possible that you are suffering from a slipped disc or what is commonly known as a herniated disc. Most people believe that whatever form of muscular or back pain they have can easily be relieved by taking pain relievers or just sleeping. But what if the pain you are feeling is the result of a serious injury or sickness that you do not know of?The people who are afflicted with a herniated disc, or slipped disc, often think or pass the pain they are feeling as just lower back pain. But if the lower back pain you are experiencing is consistent and the pain you are feeling can no longer be treated by the pain relievers you are taking, then, it is quite possible that it is the result of a lower back injury.