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Simple Carbohydrates Explained

by Ellen Thomas (2019-03-28)

Aside from reducing American Super Collagen cholesterol build up, these nutrients also help alleviate many inflammatory conditions like arthritis since these fatty acids do contain anti-inflammatory properties.Tuna, mackerel, hoki, salmon and other cold water fishes are abundant in DHA as well as EPA fatty acids. This is simply because these fishes consume plenty of microalgae and these microalgae produce DHA and EPA.Until recent times, eating fish to gain DHA hasn't been much of an issue, but these days when the ocean continuously acquires a variety of pollutants, and with the ocean fishes eating these pollutants, many governments have warned against consuming too much fish.So in order to avoid getting poisoned by these pollutants but still have an abundant supply of EPA and DHA fatty acids, the oils are extracted from a healthy fish and it then filtered in order to filter out the toxic substances and these oils are then packaged into soft gels for easy consumption. So your daily supply of fish oil supplement will contain an abundant supply of EPA and DHA fatty acids. DHA has proven to be the most crucial fatty acid and it is most beneficial in preventing and reducing bad cholesterol build up in the body, especially in the arteries where heart attacks as well as strokes are sourced from.If you take a healthy dose of DHA rich supplements everyday, you will see notice a vast difference in your health. You can live a healthier, longer life and you can avoid the many conditions that often assail those who are already getting older.This wonder shake also has 23 natural vitamins and minerals. Some of them are essential meaning our bodies don't produce them so we have to get them from food. So Shakeology is a good whole foods multivitamin as well.When I ordered my own Shakeology I got a month's supply of the mix of chocolate and berry flavors. I tried the chocolate flavored one first with milk and I have to say it was actually good.