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Hearing X3 Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-25)

The smallest available is the Hearing X3 CIC - Completely in the Canal, placed deep inside the ear canal. Because of its size, the features are limited and its life span is short. It is the most expensive model available and only suitable for those with moderate loss of hearing. Similar to the CIC is the ITC - In the Canal, placed just inside the ear canal. They have more features available and are less expensive than the CIC. The ITE - is placed in the ear bowl. They are the largest of the three and suitable for mild or severe hearing loss. The disadvantage of the ITE is they can produce feedback and are sensitive to wind noise. A lot depends on the quality of the model and correct placement in the ear. It can be resolved by adjusting the settings. It is best to discuss the problem with your audiologist. They are larger than the other two and have more available features. This is an advantage because they are more adaptable to your needs. The most common type of unit is the BTE - Behind The Ear. A unit is placed behind the ear and an ear mould is placed in the ear canal. The two are connected by a discreet tube. They are the most adaptable and the most powerful of all the units and are suitable for both adults and children. The disadvantage is, they are large and people find them a bit conspicuous. Some companies offer smaller models than others.