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Wrinkling Skin is Avoidable - Ways to Stop It

by Ellen Thomas (2019-03-23)

Did you Auvela Serum know that around 60% of the topical applications on your skin are absorbed into your body? That means, that if you have been using skin care products to maintain the skin on your body, you may be a victim of some of the thousands of products that contain paraben preservatives. Before you buy your next skin care product, remember to look out for paraben.Paraben is a chemical used in body products, cleaning agents, and even food. It is a commonly-sought out preservative that companies use in their products in order to prolong shelf life. Some of these preservatives are synthetically derived--that's the marketing way of making paraben seem like a harmless product, but in reality, it is unsafe. What's the big deal, if paraben is only being used in small amounts? Especially since, in skincare, the body does not consume paraben in large amounts directly. The answer: The big deal is that paraben is a carcinogenic. This means that is has been linked to provoke cancer, and it changes the hormonal balance in the body to unregulated levels of estrogen.So what can you do about this? Look for skin care products that have plant-based alternatives to paraben. Particularly, organic skincare products normally choose to be "paraben free," meaning that plant and fruit extracts are used in place of paraben. Look for a logo on the back of your products that looks like a cylinder container with an open cap--it may be an indicator as to whether or not your skin care product is paraben free. Each product is different though, so make sure to read the ingredients list and look for the suffix "paraben" in the ingredients in order to be completely sure.Learn to be more aware about what you apply to your skin. Think about it: It took us a while to figure out that sun bathing was a major contributing fact to skin cancer. Make your next skin care product a healthier choice.Many people when shopping for skin care will actively seek out a product that states that it is hypoallergenic. They feel safe that a hypoallergenic skin care range will cause no reaction or do no harm to their skin. They could be wrong.