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Brainwave Shots Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-03-20)

We are in a constant state Brainwave Shots of pursuit. But each of us defines it in a different way. Some of us pursue helping others. Some of us pursue financial success. Some of us pursue love, finding it, and nurturing it. Some of us chase after titles, accolades, and attention. Some of us pursue career opportunities, while others seek out opportunities for travel. Most of us go after all of these at the same time. The Declaration of Independence of the United States refers to it as the pursuit of happiness (appropriately vague). This notion of the chase permeates every aspect of our lives. It is one of the fundamental reasons why autocratic or semi-autocratic regimes are unsuccessful and free democracies succeed. Autocracies stifle growth, both social and economic, because they restrain our natural inclination to pursue. It is what we were born to do. A chef seeks out the best ingredients. An artist anguishes over the perfect composition. The philosopher ponders the most challenging questions. The scientist tries to answer them. The athlete wants to dominate the competition, again and again and again. An alpinist travels the world climbing peaks, hoping he'll one day get the chance to conquer Everest. The housekeeper wants to provide for her family. The man sitting next to you on the bus is searching for the love of his life. We all want something, and most of us want many things simultaneously. For our purposes here, we'll call it the Pursuit Principle.