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Organic Fungus Nuker Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-22)

Heel Counter - This is the back of the shoe Organic Fungus Nuker where the heel rests. A stiff counter is best, as it provides control and stability. People with pronated flat feet should choose shoes with a stiff counter. Insole - This is the area inside the shoe where the main part of the foot rests. Some shoes have removable insoles to provide more flexibility. Shank - This is the area under the arch of the foot. A stiff shank allows for more support for your foot. Midsole - The material that sits between the top area of the shoe and the outer sole is the midsole. Soft material should be used for the midsole to provide shock absorption. Outsole - This area is the hard bottom of the shoe. Choose a shoe where the outsole conforms to your foot. Types of Athletic Shoes Running - Running shoes are grouped into three categories. Cushioned running shoes (also called neutral shoes) are made for the runner with high-arched, rigid feet. These shoes have a cushioned midsole made up of ethylene vinyl acetate. Stability running shoes provide support to the arch. These shoes are best for the "pronator" runner. Motion control running shoes are designed for severe pronators. These shoes support flat feet and heavier body weight. To determine if you are a pronator or a supinator, have a professional evaluate your feet.