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Lash Energizer Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-15)

The big question is after reading all the Lash Energizer opinions and research that's going on about vitamin D, is how much vitamin D should I take? The first logical step if you're concerned about being deficient in vitamin D would be to consult your physician and be tested for vitamin D deficiency. If your doctor gets the results of this test he will be able to advise you on the proper supplementation for your particular situation. With all the benefits that come with having adequate amounts of vitamin D in your system, there are also negative side effects to taking excess amounts of this supplement. The most difficult part about determining if you are taking excessive amounts of vitamin D or not is that none of the scientist or experts seem to be able to agree on just what an excessive is. Currently the national institutes of health has set the average adult dosage at 1000 IU per day. Still there are many in the nutritional field that believe that this dosage is far too low. What we commonly call vitamin D actually comes in two different forms. One form is ergocalciferol which is commonly known as vitamin D 2, and the other form is cholecalciferol, known as D 3. Many researchers contend that vitamin D3 is more efficient at elevating the levels of the vitamin within the bloodstream. This of course like most of the other research on vitamin D is still not conclusive.