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Living Green Supremefood - Energy Booster Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-02-05)

Heck, there are a lot of things to Living Green Supremefood - Energy Boosterlook forward to during the Fall (although I admit, Winter is not one of them). For us football fans, our Saturdays and Sundays (ok a few Thursdays and Mondays too) will soon be filled with the familiar sounds of football and and football commentary. And to go along with the football, another of my favorite things to do is cooking (OK eating). On most Sundays you will find me working in the kitchen (I can actually see my TV from the kitchen so I won't miss any football action) tinkering away with some pot of stew, ribs, coleslaw or baking brownies. I also enjoy pheasant and other fowl, burgers, potato salad, pot roasts and... lets face it, most things. Only problem is, as doctors tend to do, mine has me "watching what I eat". Which is sorta ironic, because I have been watching what I eat my whole life. That is, I look at it then I eat it. And now my wife is in cahoots with my Doctor. They BOTH have me making better food choices. Turns out I do feel better by making healthier choices.