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Messages Of Obsession Review

by Selva Raj (2019-02-02)

Once I was playing golf. I was teeing off on this particularMessages Of Obsession hole that had a big lake between where I was, and where I wanted my ball to go. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hit my ball over the lake. Then my friend made a suggestion. Imagine that the lake is nothing but pure, green grass. Just one long stretch of lawn between me and the hole.As soon as I started thinking like that, I was easy. I also learned this trick from my cross-country coach in high school. He taught us to always "overshoot" when we were running for the finish line. Pretend as if there were an extra hundred yards or so beyond the finish line. That would give us that extra bit of stamina, so we wouldn't run out of juice as we approached.What am I getting at? When you approach a girl, especially a hot girl that pushes your buttons that's given you a few clear IOI's, it can be incredibly nerve racking. You completely lose the big picture and focus only on the interaction. Naturally, this can cause you to become incredibly nervous.It's like making a free throw for the Olympic gold medal when the whole world is watching. Whenever you're out in the field, keep the big picture in mind. Always think in terms of what you want to be doing in a couple weeks, a couple months, and even a couple years.One way to help is if you are going out on a Friday night, make sure you've got some rock solid plans that you are really looking forward to on Saturday. These don't have to be anything special, just something you know you are going to do, that you know you will enjoy.