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Living Green Supremefood Energy Booster Review

by Emily Jacob (2018-12-29)

My honeymoon began as Living Green Supremefood Energy Booster a romantic cliché in Paris, but it did not end that way. A fluent English speaker that I am, it did me no good in this French speaking country, not even at the Science Museum. We approached the Astronomy section in all its variety of scales; their nature eluded me initially, yet I stepped on the first: It read 130 pounds. "I rock" the fair nymph that I was flew into the arms of my newlywed husband. He smiled, familiar with French but, at the time, not with a woman's mind, and said: "that's your weight on Venus, now try Terre, meaning earth." I did. 143 pounds! In merely seconds I had transformed from a nymph to a monster, and all because of a number. Romance shifted to a croissant spree, nothing else mattered anyway.