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Can a face mask protect you from coronavirus? Only if you get the right kind

by Laurence Turney (2020-02-03)

Through an analysis of food fragments left in pots and bones found in the ground near Stonehenge, scientists have deduced what builders consumed during celebrations in a nearby village as they constructed the 5,000-year-old structure.

This game won't take more than a few hours of play to complete, except perhaps in the case of the youngest of younger audiences. So, what keeps it from greatness? The gameplay is enjoyable, the characters are well represented, and the graphics are top notch for this sort of game. The one, fatal flaw that holds Ice Age 2 back is its brevity. All told, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is a fun, engaging platformer that ought to appeal to multiple audiences.

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> When I was a kid, our family had a Rubbermaid cooler. They look just like the one I grew up with, and a 48-quart "Ice Chest" model like the one I'm writing about now won't cost you any more than $20. You'll still find one or two Rubbermaids in the cooler aisle at Walmart, though. Back then, the brand sold a lot of the things, but these days, they've been largely displaced by coolers from Coleman and Igloo.

Deck tells us that the LEDs are rated at approximately 200,000 hours of life (that's 22 years, if you're doing the math), and that's if you never turn it off. Combined with the Cherry MX black keycaps' reported 50 million key-press life span, the Deck 82 will likely outlive the user depending on its care.

Face masks can also help prevent hand-to-mouth viral transmissions, because you can't directly touch your own mouth while wearing one. Wearing one can protect you from getting sick if you're in close contact with someone who is ill and also help prevent you from spreading your illness to someone else. A face mask's main purpose is to keep out the liquid of another infected person's sneeze or cough from entering your mouth or nose (gross, I know). However, virologists say that surgical face masks cannot block airborne viruses from entering your body. 

Chewable ice addicts now have a reason to celebrate. Also known as compressed or pellet ice, nugget ice enjoys a fervent following and is highly praised for its soft, crunchy texture, and slow melt time. The $499 Firstbuild Opal Nugget Ice has arrived, and with it the ability to churn out pounds of nugget ice in just hours right from your kitchen countertop. Unfortunately nugget ice is hard to find, only sold at select restaurant chains and gas stations, and home nugget ice makers have traditionally been luxury devices with multi-thousand dollar price tags. id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> All ice isn't created equal, just ask a fan of nugget ice.

Although the adjusted key layout adds time to the learning curve, we recommend the Deck 82 mechanical backlit keyboard to anyone looking to upgrade his or her input device. id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody" data-component="indepthReview"> IBM made its first Model M keyboard in the 1980s, Vegan and it quickly rose to a cult product among typing purists who preferred its buckling spring keys to the thin scissor-switch laptop keys we use today. The Deck 82 is the latest iteration of the classic Model M design, with Cherry MX black key switches, ultrabright backlit LEDs under each of the 82 keys, and a compact chassis that saves precious work-space real estate. At $119, the Deck 82 is cheaper than many of the mechanical keyboards we've reviewed, and its open architecture makes it easily accessible for user modifications.

Young children ought not to have too much trouble with the game, but even players from older audiences ought to be able to appreciate much of what the game does, even if it doesn't present an awful lot of difficulty. Again, this is a platformer, so it's hardly shocking that the game is something of a collection-fest, but there are thousands of nuts scattered throughout the game. So it's appropriate that you spend the bulk of the game collecting more nuts than you could possibly imagine. The whole hook with Scrat's character is that he's constantly in search of nuts to hoard and bury. The jump puzzles featured in Ice Age 2 are fairly run of the mill for the genre, but more challenging and rewarding than your average kid-oriented game. The control is tight, the puzzles are generally clever, and the levels are open-ended and provide a decent bit of exploration.

Nix your nostalgia for Rubbermaid and buy the Igloo MaxCold instead -- or stick with the Styrofoam and use the money you save on an extra six-pack. The weak performance stood in stark contrast to what you'll get if you spend a little more on the $45 Igloo MaxCold. That cooler held the cold about as well as I could have hoped for in my tests, even outperforming coolers like the Rovr Rollr 60 and the Bison Gen 2 that cost hundreds more.

Chris Monroe/CNET Inside and directly under the ice bin is the Opal's water reservoir. One tank load of water will let the Opal fill its bin to its full 3 pound capacity, which takes about 3 hours. Since the Opal lacks a dedicated water line input, you must supply this tank with fresh water from your sink.