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by Whitney Tejada (2020-01-31)

Undeniably, TeamViewer is the best VNC in the market. These days, there is a browser extension for just about anything you can imagine. Like LogMeIn, Chrome Remote Desktop provides remote access through a web browser, so it too lacks the typical headaches caused by tedious network configurations and opening ports, because all the traffic is sent through port 443 (HTTPS), which is already open on the overwhelming majority of networks around the world.

One of the popular remote desktop software is Teamviewer", which is widely used among many people for accessing the files remotely. However, there are numerous functions and modules that are being added regularly by the company that makes this software very complex to use. There are many other factors like glitches in the software, increasing fee and longer usage of bandwidth at both remote and client computers. Due to this, many users are looking for alternatives to Teamviewer software so that they can get a better tool to remotely access the files and folders. Let's see some of the software that can be useful to remotely access the desktop and also to manage large computers.

We are solving issues every single day with the use of TeamViewer. We use this software for many purposes such as offering tech support to others, working on our own terminals, whether it may be logging in to pull data or files, install printers, or simply monitor usage. Prior to the use of this software, it was necessary to drive to each location to work on issues or assist the end user, but not anymore. This software has saved us thousands of dollars in time and money.

Ammyy Admin is another package that looks a lot like VNC, so you can forget about sophistications such as screen scaling and remote audio. It's also available only for Windows, so cross-platformers needn't apply. Like TeamViewer, it's free only for non-commercial use, and the licensing terms refer ominously to possible access limits, if software is used beyond 15 hours per month". If you choose to pay, though, it's not too expensive, by the standards of these things: a lifetime two-PC licence without restrictions can be had for a flat fee of $120.

When you open the app for the first time you will be asked to authorize it and it's a one-time process. And you will then see two functions: Remote Assistance" and My Computers". Remote Assistance" as you might have already imagined lets you share your computer with someone else to get remote support. My Computers" lets you add all your computers (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu Linux) and access it from your other devices (computers and smartphones).