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What Does a Healthy Relationship Feel Like?

by Jennifer Warner (2020-01-18)

Relationships, whether they be friendship or love relationships, are generally built on a foundation of good communication and also trust. As humans, relationships are incredibly imperative to our survival and emotional well-being. Engaging in consistent communication with your significant other help to continue to keep the relationship constructive for you both.

In general, the intent behind getting in a relationship is to be truly and profoundly happy. So, building a healthy relationship needs to start with this understanding, setting it as a goal for the relationship, and working hard towards attaining it.

Based upon this, it is possible to consider your relationship as healthy when you are truly and profoundly satisfied by it notwithstanding just how difficult and useless it might feel occasionally.

At the same time, your relationship is rewarding provided that you and your spouse are actually consciously working hard together with each other to build that actuality of it becoming genuinely and profoundly mutually fulfilling. Even though you might not feel this way everyday, the beauty is in the fact that the both of you are devoted to creating a relationship which actually fulfil the two of you.

Whilst relationship is actually a 2-way street, and much of your success in just about any relationship to a pretty huge extent hinges on the other individual, there are some things you can try to build up a mutually constructive and genuinely good relationship.

1. Trust
Both persons in a healthy relationship should have the feeling that they can entrust their feelings to the other individual. This is possible when you have the assurance that you can be your whole, real self without having fear of being criticized, and/or penalized. Thus, true trust in a relationship assists to build an environment in which you and your partner can communicate honestly.

You need to without fault trust that your significant other will be straightforward with you, be around when you want them most, and that they usually have your best interest at heart. This helps you and your significant other to engage in more important chats, become closer with one another, and develop a deeper relationship.

Establishing complete trust in a relationship normally takes time and to some degree allows you and your partner to become helpless with each other having the awareness that you can depend upon the other individual. Placing your entire trust in somebody you love can be really cathartic.

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2. Open Communication
Open and free conversation is more than likely the most important element of just about any truly healthy relationship. If you are experiencing challenges either individually or with your mate, it is far better to talk about it with your significant other than attempting to keep it to yourself.

Keep in mind that your partner isn't a mind reader, hence, do not assume they understand what’s happening to you. Being straight up with what the challenge is and having a chat with regards to it helps to prevent miscommunication or mixed signals.

In a highly healthy relationship, the communication between you and your loved one is such that there is a kind of no "off limit" feeling to just about any topical issue. You feel free to talk with your mate regarding anything and also open enough to notify them if anything they did hurt you.

Just as you think that they are being attentive and wish to hear you anytime you talk, so equally are you to be serious about listening to whatever they have to talk about. In this sort of a relationship, you usually want to learn a lot more concerning who your mate is and ways in which you can be of help to them.

3. Respect
One other major aspect of a healthy relationship is common respect. The loss of respect in virtually any relationship often ends up in contempt and certainly no relationship can succeed while there's contempt.

It is imperative that you realize that your partner's desires and thoughts are equally as vital as the ones you have. You should esteem their principles, ideologies, and work integrity. Attempt to consistently hold both of your ideas in mind.

To be able to really esteem another person, it is unavoidable for you to value yourself first. To a really substantial extent, the extent to which you don't esteem yourself is the degree to which you can expect to be incapable of transferring to someone else something as pure and stable as respect. While this may sound painful, it's however the basic truth.

4. Come to a Compromise
Though conflicts are a natural element of any sort of relationship, it is a lot better to look for ways to make concessions. It is at the same time vital that you know that when you are in a relationship with an individual, you can't always have your way.

Furthermore, be aware that it is ok to not come to an agreement on every little thing. Consequently, whenever disputes occur, and sure they definitely will, try and look for different ways to resolve them in a sensible manner. Remember that even when you lose, you gain, seeing that your relationship becomes more powerful through such peaceful settlements.

5. Honesty
Honesty is a major element in being able to have faith in a person. It's critically important to the survival of any long-term relationship because without it, it's virtually impossible to build trust.

It is a lot simpler for any relationship to flourish if there's practically nothing to hide. Be truthful concerning your feelings and avoid pushing them under the rug because you are afraid of what your spouse's response could be. Honesty and openness will tremendously assist to decrease any kind of possible pessimism in your relationship.

6. Give One Another Space
Notwithstanding wanting to continually spend the majority of your time together with each other, it's necessary to also give one another some freedom. It is advisable to try to be deliberate regarding this issue considering that whenever you love an individual a lot, it can be pretty hard not to be self-centered to a degree.

In fact, it should not be an issue in a healthy relationship not to carry out every little thing with each other and likewise to not tell one another concerning every little thing. You might equally want to know that spending too much time with one another may be damaging to your relationship to a particular level.

Let your spouse be able to hang out and have fun with their friends, be joyful in their career, and delighted accomplishing things that they enjoy, regardless if they undertake these stuff together with you or not. Regardless of whether you're in the strongest of relationships, you sometimes still require space to breathe.

7. Have Fun Together
Attempting to keep things cheerful is an excellent way to continue to keep your relationship healthy. At the time of hard circumstances, bringing in a hint of hilarity can assist make your partner laugh and even just ignore the difficulties you are experiencing at present.

Consider creative opportunities where you can become childish together, ridiculous with each other, and can laugh at yourselves together. Laughter similarly assists to make it easier to manage and continue to keep communication channels free and it likewise lightens up the atmosphere around your relationship.