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Keto Genesis Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-10)

Your body is always trying to burn the exact number of Keto Genesis calories you consume each day. You can't lose weight like that. But here's the real secret behind this concept: your body takes several days to sense any significant changes in the amount of calories you consume. So if you know when to "shift" your calories, your body gets confused and starts burning extra fat. This is the "trick" that allows super fast weight loss to occur.If you're really serious about losing weight, this should help you. You can shock your body by using a kind of diet you've never tried before. The diet is powerful enough that it turns really overweight people into thin people.As the saying goes, it's insane to repeat the same behavior and expect a different outcome. You've got to make the commitment for yourself. You can't slim down unless you change your eating habits. Those new habits should include something new that you've never done before. Your body won't change by itself.Here's another big reason most people don't ever lose weight: they procrastinate. They'll start dieting next week, or after the holidays, etc. But of course, it doesn't matter what month it is. A diet can start anytime. Like today!You mean Irvingia Gabonensis? We'll stick with just calling it African Mango as "IV" (Irvingia Gabonensis) is the name of the tree that the African Mango grows on. This tree bears edible mango-like fruits that are valued for their protein rich nuts.Why is there such a craze for Mangos from Africa and why was it featured on Dr. Oz and many other health related shows? Well it seems after diving into this subject a bit it looks like it actually helps people struggling with weight problems and obesity to lose weight and become healthier. I guess I'll have to change an apple a day routine and focus on Mangos.