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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-03)

Thanks to the widespread use of mobile Profit Genesis 2.0 devices, in 2014, marketers will have to ensure that the brand experience is the same for consumers on a smaller screen. Location-based marketing is set to flourish, with real-time location data collection possible through smartphones. This kind of marketing provides an opportunity for brands to enhance their customer offering, with high street brands now able to deliver store-specific content and transport operators sending content in a quick and succinct way to passengers on the move. In 2014, mobile e-commerce is set to grow exponentially.With Facebook and LinkedIn having both moved sponsored ads into the newsfeed in 2013, we can only expect to see a continued generation of ads attempting user engagement. In 2014, brands will invest even more money in getting ads displayed on social networks, and with Instagram's recent introduction of ads, opportunities are ever growing. With an even wider range of platforms to choose from to promote their brands, social networks are an exciting way for companies to understand how they are perceived.Attention. That's what companies are after. They're always looking for methods to intensify their speed of interacting 'in the moment' as they aim to reach their consumers in a novel manner to stand out from the rest. Conversational posts on Twitter and Facebook full of colloquialisms and humour are an excellent method of creating conversation with audiences, and this is only going to increase. Visual influencing is also set to boom in 2014 with apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp vying for the top spot as the main communication channel for sharing moments.