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Starting From Zero 2.0 Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-03)

When a flawless product leaves your order Starting From Zero 2.0 fulfillment station and a damaged, bent, or broken product arrives at a customer's house, you have a problem. It's important to choose packaging that can hold up to bumps and bruises, and pack everything securely so it can avoid rattling around during the journey. Boxes and envelopes should be a comfortable fit-neither excessively large or very tiny. Securely packaging products can save you customer ire and a costly return trip.To understand in simpler terms, let us analyze cash. Cash is all about buying and selling. When cash is eliminated in the buying and selling process, IT steps in. This automatically amounts to more IT intervention in our day-to-day lives. But there comes the willingness and agility of businesses to leverage IT for customer connect and profit maximization. Businesses offer products and services; customers want to use the same. The established businesses anyway have their customers who have changed their preferences to go cashless. They are the top layer of the pyramid who don't need to be in the queue for cash in banks or ATMs. We are focusing on the micro-segment as they are the ones who are facing the challenge. These small players used to do business with cash or credit with the known customers whom they have been comfortable with. So, in the absence of cash what the consumers will do? One scenario is they waiting for cash to come or change their purchasing preferences to do business with large players. If this happens demonetization will overkill the micro traders.