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Teds Woodworking Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-01)

Take a piece from the R pile and lay it Teds Woodworking down in front of you with the beveled edge on the left side, facing down. Measure down from the upper right corner, 1/5th of the total distance to the lower right corner. For example, if the length of the piece of wood is 5 inches, measure down 1 inch and make a mark. Now, use a pencil to draw a line from that mark, down to the lower left corner. Measure, mark and draw a line on the remaining pieces marked with an R.All the pieces in the L pile get marked the same way, except the 30 degree bevel will be facing down on the right side, and the measurement will be made 1/5th the distance from the upper left to the lower left. Mark and draw lines on all remaining pieces.Once all pieces are marked, make a cut along the lines of each of the 10 pieces. Make sure the saw is set to 0 degrees because you don't want a bevel on this cut. Again, a straight edge may be helpful to make this cut nice and straight.With all the cuts made, you can now glue the L and R pieces together. Use good quality wood glue that will make a nice strong bond. When you're done, you should have what look like five, star points. Set these pieces aside until they have dried completely.The last step involves making 2 cuts on each star point that are exactly 36 degrees from the centerline. If you have an electric miter saw, it's a simple matter to set the angle at 36 degrees.When making the cuts, line up the center ridge of the point so that it's perpendicular to the back of the saw. The endpoint of the star should be pointing directly at you. It's also very important when making the cut that the endpoint of the star is pressed down against the table. This is what assures the compound angle that each center point needs to fit together correctly. One cut will be made from the top, center of the point to the right at 36 degrees, and the other will be a mirror-image cut on the left side.