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Turmaslim Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-31)

A few months ago I decided I Turmaslim wanted to get back into the saddle of a bicycle. I used to love to ride as a kid. For me the advantage to riding as an adult is that I dont have to walk to exercise. I know. It sounds weird but I have a lot of lower back pain that extends down into my left leg. Biking for some reason doesnt hurt and walking does. My main goal was to be able to ride a fair distance along the Bosque Trail in Albuquerque. Today I accomplished that goal with a 10 mile ride As I rode along the beautiful path praying that nobody does something stupid like drop a cigarette because the fire danger is at an all time high I noticed something interesting about the other people who were moving along the path we shared a quest to become healthier beings. There was the elderly man shuffling down the path while firmly gripping a ski pole in each hand for balance the new mom pushing the stroller with two young children straggling behind the recumbent bike for two with what looked like a mother 80s son 60s team enjoying a day out the various sized and shaped walkers runners and roller bladers and of course the Lance Armstrong type professional cyclists whizzing around and between those of us who couldnt quite match their pace.