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Vertical Jump Training Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-29)

Atving is a full body activity Vertical Jump Training requiring all aspects of human movement to be functioning at the same time. Training for a sport like this requires multiple movement exercises involving all of the bodies systems including cardiovascular respiratory muscular and nervous systems. Program design should include movements that simulate movements while riding an atv. Examples of these would be wait shifting from side to side pushing and pulling while moving up and down and pushing and pulling while moving side to side. Effective programs will incorporate multiple exercises performed in circuit style fashion varying the speed and tempo which in return will help to develop all of the bodies systems. Programs should be integrated having a variety of exercises challenging balance reaction time flexibility strength and power. Integration methods serve as a beneficial tool by keeping the workouts from becoming repetitive and boring allowing the athlete new challenges each workout. Progression is the next important component of a successful program. Progressive training ensures there is a steady increase in strength and energetic output from one workout to the next. This method will guarantee positive results as long as the athlete is consistent with his or her training.