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The Favorite Foods Diet Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-29)

Throughout her adult life Rachel Swann has The Favorite Foods Diet battled with her weight going up and down as well as emotional eating. She has tried diet after diet, slimming pills, you name it. She even worked for a diet company as well! Finally discovering hypnotherapy she lost 2 dress sizes nearly 2 years ago and has kept it off without a diet or slimming pill in sight. Inspired by this success she qualified as a hypnotherapist and now supports others in their quest to find permanent weight loss.You know the ones. They put it on, and then they take it off. The problem gets progressively worse however, because every new diet starts at a higher weight. Eventually it becomes a mountain too hard to climb and they give up all together.Here are some of the pitfalls, so that you can take extra care to avoid them.Don't celebrate that ideal weight loss by rewarding yourself with food. Especially not that sugar-loaded treats that you used to love and were the major cause of the problem in the first place!If you have been on 5 meals a day because you had wanted to get ripped fast, don't slip back to one. Stick to 3 or 4 meals a day. The old ways are the old you. That person is not coming back. Enjoy being the new you and enjoy living your new life.In the same way, keep exercise in your life. It got to where you are now and will help top keep you there. Do vary the type of exercise. If your routine has included mostly using exercise machines you can change to more stretching, like yoga or Pilates. Try different and interesting things, hiking, swimming or dancing don't let the new you become repetitive and boring.