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The Backpack Electricity System Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-28)

Lastly you will need to decide what The Backpack Electricity System you want to use your solar energy for. It is common for people in countries with changeable climates like the UK to just use solar energy for heating water and conventional energy for the rest of the house. This is simply because there may not be enough natural sunlight to run a busy household full of electrical equipment. If you do however intend to get your electricity supply mainly from solar power then you will need to be able to store collected solar energy so that you can use it during the night and on very overcast days. This will involve installing some special photovoltaic compatible batteries which can be expensive and will need to be stored in a specially ventilated area. You could also consider setting up an islanding scheme with your current utility supplier which involves connecting your solar system up to the main grid and selling the supplier any excess electricity. This basically means that you are storing power in the main grid rather than in expensive batteries and by selling the power back to the supplier you will negate the costs of accessing additional power from the grid to back up your solar system.