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Heartburn No More Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-28)

People with gastroesophageal reflux disease Heartburn No More experience a mild case of heartburn from time to time. Unfortunately, there are other whose heartburn is really bad. They go through things like terrible pain in the chest, having the inability to sleep, getting nauseous after eating and burping and feeling bloated. There are some who suffer from anxiety when they feel their heartburn is coming on so they might get dizzy. In the event that heartburn and dizziness occurs at the same time as shortness of breath, chills, nausea, and chest pain, then it's crucial to seek help promptly as these are all the symptoms of a heart attack.If you have to deal with heartburn regularly, see a physician right away. Only through examination will it be known if you're dealing with heartburn or problems with the heart. It can be the difference between preventing something life-threatening or preventing the worrying that may occur. A doctor will also explain what some of the signs to look for when dealing with heartburn and steps on how to prevent it by changing eating habit and taking medication for it. If your physician discusses taking proton pump inhibitors, ask about possible side-effects. They have been known to cause dizziness, that why it's important to be aware of what's causing your dizziness and not be scared that you may be having a heart attack. It's also good to know the side effects because they will let you know if the treatment is worse than the illness.Having GERD-related heartburn does not mean you don't have some other health problems. Weighting too much can make you susceptible to both heartburn and other life issues. If you become complacent by learning to live with your heartburn, you might ignore symptoms of some other problems. Getting regular health screenings are very important. It's crucial to get proper treatment for your reoccurring heartburn so you can prevent serious condition like esophageal cancer.