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The Back Pain Breakthrough Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-25)

For your sakes, I hope you guessed the The Back Pain Breakthrough tissue that is in distress is where the pain signal is being created. And you would be right. So why is it so hard to accept that the pain at your back, neck or a peripheral joint is coming from a tissue in distress and that the pain is not coming from the spinal cord or brain? With out this very rudimentary understanding of what really causes pain, you are free to accept the medical establishment view. This sets you up to take medications and procedures all with the design to mask your brains ability to identify that a pain signal is being created. Some of the suggested treatments are reasonably benign. Some are extreme. The key to which one you get is clearly based on the level of your pain and how willing you are to try anything to see your pain disappear; whether the treatment is reasonable or completely nuts.Let's look at the possible solutions they have to "mask" your pain:Acetaminophen- an analgesic designed to sedate you and make you feel less pain. This clearly does nothing to identify the cause of pain and resolve it. Long term use has been shown to lead to heart attack and stroke.Acupuncture- although able to minimize pain for some, it does nothing to identify the cause of pain. It focuses on the opiate system in the body which makes people feel better.Anticonvulsants- these drugs are used to treat seizure disorders. Not exactly my first choice in addressing the cause of pain.Nerve Blocks- clearly does nothing to identify the cause of pain. Designed to block the transmission of pain going to the brain. My concern with this one is if you have no awareness of pain, how do you know if you are making your condition worse by anything you are doing? Seems pretty stupid to me.Opioids- this is the class of drugs that, in my opinion, can be described as a synthetic cocaine and heroin. These are the drugs people are becoming addicted to. I don't think this is a good direction to go in when you have pain. These drugs do nothing to identify the cause of pain.