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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-25)

PC/Mac: To run your business effectively Profit Genesis 2.0 I suggest you invest into a good computer or laptop. I prefer a laptop because I can take it with me when I travel to preserve my privacy. This is important when you do business online. Buy the best machine your money can buy to avoid unnecessary setbacks.Decide on your model: Before you can go live, you need to understand the many online business models available to you. Will you choose a service-based model, an affiliate model, a blogging model, a software model, a review model?There are hundreds of these available online and the best way to find the right model for you is to do some research before you get started. You will find that many online entrepreneurs run several models to help them preserve their income.Write your content or get it written: Regardless of which model you end up choosing, chances are you need copy to populate your blog or website. You can either write this yourself or get it written by someone else.Organize design: Will your business require a logo? If so, contact a graphic designer to get this done for you.Organize the technical setup: You will need a domain name, hosting, a website/blog and maybe even a total e-commerce solution to serve your clients. Don't worry, all of the above can be outsourced if you struggle to understand these terms.Consider additional extras: These could be marketing, SEO, customer support, product fulfillment, etc. It all depends on the business model you end up choosing.