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Lean Body Hacks

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-23)

You must have measurable goals; you must define Lean Body Hacks the exact amount of extra body fat that you aim to lose. For example you might target to lose 10 pounds. Set your measurable goals and write them down.You must take action to change your diet and lifestyle. You must actually eat a low glycaemic index diet which cuts off the consumption of junk food; sugar based snacks like cookies, candy, soda, and cakes.Plan your meals well ahead of time; plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals in accordance with the diet rules laid out in the program that you are using. Drink lots of water and also drink some tea and coffee.Make sure that you get up and do your exercises; mere sitting down and saying that you will do exercises will only lead to failure. Do not allow excuses deter you from doing your exercises because there will always be one form of excuse or the other that your circumstances will bring up to stop you from exercising every day.It is not the intensity nor the type of exercise that you do that determines your success, it is your consistency that determines your success.Do not set goals that you will not be able to achieve, as this will only lead to discouragement; for an average overweight woman or man, you should target to lose 10 pounds but if you are obese you should target to lose 100 pounds.Decide the time frame within which you want to achieve your desired targets. Know your current weight and determine the amount of excess weight that you want to shed within a given time frame.