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by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-21)

There are some vision problems that this method cannot Lutazene help, but most problems can be. For instance near-sighted people and far-sighted people have great results with the Bates method. Our daily routine of spending hours staring at the computer, watching television, or working in an area with bright lights have weakened our eyes for years. Now there are many people that are willing to go "under the knife" to save their vision, but simple vision improvement exercises can work for you.It is extremely important to see that, while we need glasses and contacts to see, they cause our eyes to become lazier and lazier. This eventually ends up resulting in deterioration of the eye muscles and vision. As the years go by your glasses or contacts prescription will get stronger and eventually you will require glasses foreverYour eye is a muscle and, just like the rest of your muscles, it requires daily exercise and rest. When was the last time you practiced eye exercises? Probably not ever, right? Well, that is understandable because 95% of people do not even know that there are eye exercises.One great exercise that you can do to give your eyes time to rest is palming. Palming can help your eyes relax and alleviate any pain that stressing them has caused. This should be done daily.Palming will take a few minutes. You simply put your palms over your eyes and cover them for about three minutes. Take special care not to let any light filter in. You will also want to try and visualize things during this time because that enhances the exercise.There are more vision improvement exercises, but palming is one of the easiest. Dr. William H. Bates developed these methods and exercises back in the late 1800's and they have been improved over time. There are even schools in various countries that teach children the Bates method for better eyesight without glasses.