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by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-17)

Transition sunglasses of poor quality are fairly bad Lutazene for eye health. Wearing badly made transition sunglasses, wearers would frequently suffer from dizziness and sore eyes. In addition, the lenses are inclined to get dark after about one month usage. That is to say even in soft light environment, the dark color of transition eyeglass lenses would not get faded, as result of which clear vision can not be provided. For divers, if the color of the lens can not be able to return back to light color when cars are driven into dark places, they are hardly see roads ahead. Plus, vision forward get blur. Especially in forest road sections, visibility is fairly low. Consequently, accidents are probably caused.In to the bargain, despite the fact that color of the transition sunglass lenses are able to change with the changing of brightness of sunlight, poorly made ones are not able to block UV. When exposed to the sunlight for too long time, either skin around eyes would get hurt, so even would the eyes.Because these sunglasses now become popular on and on, more and more manufacturers have joined in this competition. In addition to those leading power in the industry, other unknown brands are also keen about making sunglasses in the shapes of rectangle. Therefore, in the market are rectangle sun wear of different brands, high end or low end, at different price.As for the places to get them, rectangle sun wear can be purchased at optical stores, drug stores, online shops, etc. Each of these places can meet the demands of buyers in different situations.Ultimately, rectangle sunglasses are good bets for all trendy and stylish people and any one of you who wants to know more about them is suggested to visit some related websites and vision clubs.Exercises to improve your focus actually teach the mind to relax and see well.