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Blood Sugar Premier

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-16)

Diabetes (the word means siphon out) has been Blood Sugar Premier diagnosed for thousands of years by the increased amount of urine (sweet urine, they called it), and increased thirst that go along with the disease.Picture this. Beta cells in your pancreas are pumping out insulin, the hormone that carries glucose into cells, but the cells are resisting insulin's efforts. That's insulin resistance. It also may be that your beta cells are damaged or sick and aren't responding to the call for insulin as fast as they're supposed to.The end result of both is too much sugar traveling in the blood, and your body responds by siphoning it out in your urine. That takes a lot of water. So you're extra thirsty, and you go to the bathroom often. If you do a urine test it will show high sugar content.That's two of the five warning signs. Another is fatigue. If your cells are resisting insulin, they are still hungry even when there's plenty of glucose floating around. You get tired. That's three.Blurred vision is number four. This symptom comes and goes as your blood sugar fluctuates. Eyes are very sensitive, and they can be a useful warning sign that blood sugar is not normal.Number five is the newest one of the borderline diabetes symptoms that doctors are talking about. Are you consistently sleeping less than six hours a night? High blood sugar might be the reason you aren't sleeping well.If you could choose between a glucose testing meter that used test strips and one that didn't, which would you choose? The one without a test strip right? Same here, and that's why I'm writing this article about the Accu Chek Mobile test strip free glucose meter that meets and beats expectations.