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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-14)

As the word breakfast suggests The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy it is the breaking of the fast we endure while sleeping through the night. This important meal gives our body the energy it needs to start our days on the right foot. As we sleep our metabolism slows down and our bodies go into storage and repair mode. Breakfast engages our bodys metabolism allowing us to start burning more calories throughout the day. By skipping breakfast our bodys metabolism maintains its slower rate preventing us from effectively burning calories during the day. The calories that we dont metabolize in this state are stored typically as fat in our bodies. Therefore the coffee we drink instead of breakfast will not be metabolized properly and result in an increase in body fat. In addition to skipping breakfast one of the worst things we can do is to work out in the morning before eating. By working out in the morning before eating we create a starvation scenario in our bodies. Our bodies in search of energy will eat away at itself. Our bodies will metabolize stores of unused sugar fat and muscle to provide the energy necessary to keep ourselves in motion. This might sound beneficial after all we are burning away fat however when we finally do eat after our workout all of our food is stored usually as fat rather than metabolized. Therefore this methodology usually results in an increase in fat content rather than a decrease in fat. In fact you might be shocked to learn that this methodology of skipping breakfast and working out in conjunction with eating meals right before bed is used by sumo wrestlers to gain weight and they can be anywhere from 400 700 pounds. Ideally we should eat a breakfast that contains protein and fiber. Protein keeps us full and satisfied for longer throughout the day thereby allowing you to spread out your food intake during the day. Fiber helps in the digestion of our food and slows the absorption of sugar into our blood stream. Sugar that is absorbed into the blood stream cannot be readily metabolized and used by the body as energy instead it becomes fat deposits and cholesterol.