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The Lost Ways Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-10)

There are five different sprinkler system configurations. The The Lost Ways five systems are wet pipe system, dry pipe system, preaction system, deluge system, and a residential system. A wet pipe system is used in locations that will not be subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees. It is the simplest type of system and requires little maintenance. This system is under pressure at all times and is ready to flow water on instant demand. A dry pipe system is used in colder climates where freezing is common. This system uses air pressure to hold back the water from entering the system. Once a sprinkler head is activated the pressure is lost and the water enters the system. The preaction system is a dry pipe system that incorporates open head configuration throughout the system. The system will not discharge water unless the smoke or heat detection system is activated. The deluge system is typically a total flooding system where water is discharged through all the open heads in the system. This puts an aggressive attack on the fire and the rest of the building operating in that system. This system is also controlled by smoke and heat detecting devices in conjunction with the sprinkler system. A residential system is for use in one and two family dwellings. This is system is designed to prevent total fire involvement of the fire location, and give the occupants a chance to escape. It is very important for fire departments to have pre incident plans for emergency situations. Fire Department connections and utilities should also be included in these plans. The FDC allows the firefighters to charge the system under more pressure to combat the BTU's. All control valves should be working properly and maintaining enough pressure to operate the system. Fire department personnel should not leave the building after the sprinkler system has been activated until it has been fixed and put back into operation.