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iGenics Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-08)

Makeup and Eye Creams: One Week iGenics Wait for 7 days after LASIK eye surgery to apply any eye makeup including eye cream, eyeliner, mascara or eye shadow. It is important when applying other facial makeup that you not rub near your eye, ensuring powders such as toners or blush do not get into the eye Exercise: One Day to Two Weeks You may begin exercise two days after your surgery. In general, LASIK surgeons recommend avoiding public gyms for 1 week after your procedure, as there is an increased risk of infection. As mentioned in Part I of this series, swimming exercises and other workouts involving chlorinated, salt or fresh water areas should be avoided for two weeks Chlorinated water can especially irritate and inflame post op corneal tissue, risking discomfort and infection. Protective eyewear should be worn with any contact sports for four weeks after LASIK. This allows individuals to play their favorite sports while maximizing eye protection. Work: One Day The vast majority of people can return to work the day following LASIK eye surgery. Many offices advise the use of preservative free lubricating drops given to you after your surgery once you return to work, especially if your job includes the use of a computer. Taking frequent breaks to rest your eyes until the corneal tissue has completely healed and ensuring dry eye symptoms are eased with lubricating drops is key in shortening healing time, maximizing comfort and improving your post op work productivity. Outdoor Work: One Week Minimizing the chances for small or large outdoor particles to enter the eye enables a fast and speedy recovery from LASIK eye surgery. Substances such as smoke, dust, dirt and yard work/gardening particles are likely to aggravate post-operative corneal tissue and can become lodged in the corneal flap, causing discomfort and potential infection. For this reason, post-op patients are heavily advised to wait for seven days before working on projects involving landscaping, gardening, yard work or farm work.