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Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-06)

The reduction of blood sugar Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol is most significant in the treatment of diabetes. When exercising, the muscles need extra energy in the form of glucose. With continued exercise the muscles use up to twenty times the amount of glucose compared to the normal rate. Often times, exercise has such a positive effect in lowering glucose that in some cases where one is taking diabetic medication the need for the medication can be reduced or discontinued completely. In addition to exercise directly affecting one's insulin and decreasing blood sugar, there are benefits to your overall health which indirectly improves your diabetic condition. For example, exercising with diabetes reduces stress, improves muscle strength, and lowers blood pressure. It also improves blood circulation and energy level while decreasing risks for heart disease and stroke. Strength training has shown to be beneficial in the treatment and management of diabetes. Strength training not only makes the muscles stronger, but the muscles increase in size. With strengthening and enlarging the muscle also increases the need for more energy. The larger muscles then increase the ability to absorb and utilize additional blood glucose in order to provide fuel. The more glucose absorbed into the muscles and used as fuel, the lower the blood sugar in the blood. Incorporating exercise with management of diabetes not only improves one's health and well being, but it also helps to prevent other conditions and diseases which are the result of excessive glucose in the blood. One of the largest misconceptions about diabetes is that sugar will cause diabetes. This is a widely believed notion and needs to be clarified. Although it is true that if you are currently suffering from diabetes you do have to limit your intake of sugar as well as certain carbohydrates, but to say that sugar itself will cause diabetes is simply not true.