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Blood Balance Formula Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-03)

The body of the diabetic is unable to produce the Blood Balance Formula required amount of insulin for managing the level of blood glucose in the body. It is therefore critically important that diabetics must follow a designated diet plan for lowering down the level of blood glucose. It s generally recommended that a diabetics diet must be low in fat but high in fiber. The dietary fiber rich foods help to lower down the level of blood glucose. In the similar way eating smaller meals evenly spread throughout the day after regular intervals help in preventing the spikes of blood sugar levels.If you have been in a good state of health and you begin to experience some of the following: Fatigue, Inability to concentrate in doing daily tasks, Frequent use of the rest room, Blurred vision, Being thirsty often, Slow healing from wounds. Reduce the consumption of lean meat to zero if you can. We know after many years of having lots of meat it will be hard to change, but you must curb that to no more than 10%. Pritikin diet allows 10% but it is better reduced, even further in a diabetic's case.Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables. It is amazing what you can do with fruit and vegetables and the variety that are available. Reduce your intake of sugars to Zero. No manufactured foods, as most contain sugar as preservative as well as sweetener. Sugar has a lot of different names and anything with ose in the name, is sugar. Sugar is a killer when you are a diabetic. This even means fruit juices as they have become refined carbohydrates, better than cola drinks, but not much.