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Pain Absolve-RX Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-30)

The anterior cruciate ligament Pain Absolve-RX (or the ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (or the PCL) are two major knee ligament that give you stability. They form an "x" shape that lets you extend your knee and flex it without any sideways movement. ACL injuries occur most often when a football player stops short, changes direction very quickly, or lands incorrectly after jumping. PCL injuries are often the result of hyperextending the knee, or from direct hard pressure to the kneecap from an external force (such as hitting the ground or being kicked by another player. Often times either type of cruciate ligament injury will be accompanied by a popping noise. If you experience this, your immediate reaction should be to rest while icing, elevating, and compressing the knee. Physical therapy can help you to rebuild muscle and get you back in the game as quickly as possible. Finger Fractures Football offers almost constant opportunities for finger fractures. Catching the ball, catching yourself from a fall, and running into other players all have the potential to cause enough impact to fracture the delicate bones in your fingers, causing an improper alignment of your entire hand. Some symptoms include swelling, pain and tenderness, and limited mobility of the finger. Though these injuries may heal on their own, they are likely to heal improperly. Your best bet is to have a specialist reset the bones in your finger and set them to heal in a splint, or your hand may become permanently affected, feeling stiff and awkward, or even painful when tossing around the ball. Wrist Tendinitis An arm injury, or just overuse of the arm, can lead to the painful condition of wrist tendinitis. This is when the tissue surrounding the tendons of your thumb becomes swollen and irritated. Common symptoms include a swelling of the wrist and pain when you bend or extend your wrist or make a fist. Chances are that in football season, these are signs you will not be able to miss. Besides rest, treatments that may help this condition include anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy sessions. Though it can be a simple matter if cared for right away, left alone it can develop into a very serious problem.