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Zen12 Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-29)

Take time to observe what you have in your HANDS. Clay Zen12 in the hands of a potter will create magnificent pottery; the same in the hands of a child is just mud. Do not disregard that which makes you UNIQUE. Someone's greatness is relying on yours coming through first. May God reveal to you the deposit you may be overlooking. Why wait? I don't see a "Give Way" or "Stop" sign on your path. While it is good to admire what others have, it is more important to take note of the fact that you also have something worth admiring. Other people are looking at you amazed at that which you are good at. It may not be something readily tangible and evident. Look closely and you will see. Do not rush yourself but take time to ensure you are certain. The things you are drawn towards, the things you do effortlessly without tiring, the things that move your heart the most, the things you ponder on over and over for long periods of time certainly point out your purpose direction. They may not be the exact purpose but once you write all of them down, you begin to see a pattern and underlying common factor. If you a person of several talents it can be hard to identify exactly what you are drawn towards because everything excites and moves you.One thing I was confused about in my life was the exact same question, just what am I good at? I realized that for me, the problem was not much a lack of things I could do, my issue was I could do so many things so well I would fail to zero in and specialize. I remember when I started working in a church in Mutare, I was good with helps hence I joined the ushering team, I was also good and passionate about music hence I went into the choir, I enjoyed money counting, I did it well, I was comfortable with leading young adults I also did that, I championed the creation of monthly a newsletter, Victory News, I did that well. In the end one could not box me or categorize me because my involvement was all over. This became the trend in all the churches I went to thereafter except the present one; I now realized there were over 55 ministry involvement opportunities; I chose to join the choir in 2007, I came in right from the bottom having served in another Pentecostal movement for 8 years.