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The Longevity Blueprint Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-27)

Shifting the Questions from Lack The Longevity Blueprint to Love When you do begin to address the question of profit and practicality, make every effort to come from your true-life purpose rather than from your Inherited Purpose. In other words, be mindful that you're in a place of Universal love, abundance and flow rather than stuck in the fear, lack and struggle of your past. When you do, a different set of questions will arise, such as: Instead of 'How can I make a living at this?' might shift to 'What service can I provide that people will naturally want, need and be ready to pay me well for?' Or even perhaps from 'What will happen if I don't succeed?' shifting to more of a 'What am I willing to take on that's worth failing at?' In other words, what bold adventure are you willing to launch that will be worth risking it all because even failing to completely fulfill on the possibility will be a worthwhile endeavor. What would such a bold adventure be for you this year? What step could you take to move forward in bringing it into reality? Today I will talk about something that all of you are working hard for, but when it really happens, nobody knows what to do next. I'm talking about success. Day in and day out you are tweaking, testing, tracking and improving your website to get more traffic and a better conversion rate. Slowly you are seeing better results. You are receiving more traffic. You're making more sales and that's what makes you more successful, but what exactly does success mean? The real phenomenon in an online business is the unconventional way success manifests itself. The increase in traffic to your website doesn't happen linear. It is more in the shape of a wave and spikes all over the place. You never know when the next wave of traffic will hit your web server. The first time I experienced one of these spikes was when one of my websites was featured in a member's only site with a large subscriber base. My traffic stats went through the roof. The site visits were more than tenfold than my average visits per day. This went on for a couple of days, but suddenly the traffic dropped to previous levels again. This is a typical reaction to an announcement like being featured on a respected website. It doesn't matter if you initiated the announcement or somebody else did. Once you notice the traffic jam on your website for the first time, it will keep you up all night long. What if the web server is not big enough? What if the shopping cart database crashes? Did I setup the autoresponder messages correctly? A thousand questions and worries are going through your head. Did you do the right thing?