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Raikov Effect Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-27)

I have coached countless individuals who have Raikov Effect tried to change the direction of their lives, but have subsequently failed in their attempts. They have tried to lose weight, save money, or get their spiritual life on track, but do you know what frequently happens? More often than not, these well-meaning folks abruptly stop, just a few inches short of achieving their established objective!What you must keep in mind is that losing doesn't make you a failure. The person who is going to win always gets back up. I'll give you an example. Do you realize that some of the greatest hitters ever to play baseball only hit an average of 3 out of 10? Notice that 70% of the time they did not succeed! Are they known as failures? Certainly not! The same holds true for you and me. We all experience periodic setbacks, but true winners are those who will not allow setbacks to prevent them from trying again.What must we do to overcome failure? The first step is to change our perception of failure. I once heard it said, "Failure is a verb, not a noun." What does that mean? It means that failure is something we periodically do; it's not something we are. We must resolutely refuse to identify with our mistakes or failures and, instead, envision ourselves as who we truly are. Although we may slip up along the way, all our dreams will inevitably be achieved if we keep pursuing.