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Raikov Effect Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-27)

The second source then is Raikov Effect energy - have you ever noticed how much energy some people seem to have and how much they get done in a day? That's no surprise - having more energy makes you quicker to complete the things you have to do, giving you more time to do extra things - these are the people who hold down several jobs, are busy in their church and still build a second income on the side... The great thing there is that everyone can have that kind of energy - it's a whole subject for another day, but you can make a great start simply by studying nutrition and taking good care of yourself. Finally - clear out anything that's on your mind - get a plan in place to pay off any debts - if there's something you have been delaying - just get it done. Anything that is hanging over you needs to be handled - just taking care of these things can liberate a huge amount of energy. However, the third source of power is the most precious and the most important - yet it is amazing how we often approach it. Time is finite for all of us - we may not know exactly how much time we have, but we do know there is a limit. Each hour that passes is gone - it doesn't matter what you do or how much money you have, you cannot borrow more time or sell something to get more. And yet we "waste", "pass" and "kill" time - how often have you used those phrases? With something this vital and this limited - we should be "investing", "saving" and "leveraging" it wherever possible.