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Panalean Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-26)

Although most countries will regularly test Panalean for chemical residue in food, a recent study discovered that 80 samples of food sold at the major supermarkets in Australia exceeded the legal limit by 15%. Another worrying statistic is that 107 samples contained residue of pesticides banned in food in Australia.Chemicals in food from animal sources are found perhaps most extensively in chicken and eggs. The chicken suffers the worst fate of all farmed animals, although the others fair little better. Chickens are the most intensively reared. But over 70% of all meat worldwide now comes from factory farms.Factory farms are only interested in a high profit. This means they will do whatever is necessary to get these animals to the right weight for slaughter. Antibiotics are used every day in the hope of preventing disease, which interferes with profit. Hormones are used to get the animal to grow as fast as possible or to produce as much milk as possible.These measures come at a dramatic cost to the animals, who would not be able to live longer than their designed life span. Do you feel that the animal protein derived from such animals is beneficial to your health?