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Subliminal360 Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-26)

Anyone who can picture victory Subliminal360 regularly and vividly will greatly increase their chances of success in any activity. Kurt has a past record of victory which would make creating such pictures comparatively easy. He is probably the most accurate quarter back in the NFL. However, just before half-time, he threw a pass which was intercepted by James Harrison of the Steelers who ran for a hundred yard interception and scored a touchdown. Kurt, like all great players and great non players, bounced back from this damaging mistake. In the second half, he threw the ball to his main receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, who scorched a trail up the middle of the field to score a touch down which placed the Cardinals in the lead. The Pittsburgh fans looked stunned. Only a few minutes were left in the fourth quarter. A miracle, in the form of a touch down, would be needed if the Steelers were to win a record breaking sixth Super Bowl victory. Steelers' quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, who has already won a Super Bowl, does everything he is not supposed to. A quarterback is meant to stay in the pocket - the area close to the players who can protect him. He doesn't! He is meant to get rid of the ball quickly before the opposing players flatten him. He doesn't! He prefers to run around in all directions until he spots a suitable player to throw to. However, like Kurt Warner, he throws the ball with both confidence and accuracy and, like the other Steelers, he never gives up. He proves that you can break some of the rules and still succeed. He also had the confidence which comes from already having won a Super Bowl. Near the end of the game, when the Steelers were losing and their situation seemed hopeless, he threw two brilliant passes. The first one into the left corner of the end zone would have won the game for them but went straight through the hands of Santonio Holmes. However, Santonio came back immediately from this failure and caught the next throw which went into the right corner of the end zone. Santonio grasped the ball, on tiptoes, right at the far corner of the end zone surrounded by the Cardinals' defence.